Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year: time for some Chaos Marauder Horsemen

Happy New Year to all my viewers. Hoping that you're having a good one, and enjoying the break.

Over the festive period, I've been hard at work on some new commission pieces, but these aren't yet ready to post. Alongside those projects, I've also been finishing off a Marauder Horseman.

This is a nice older kit with some retro appeal. The body dimensions of the rider show how far Citadel's sculpting team has come... Just compare him to the newer knight and horsemen kits!

So, it's been a pretty busy painting year for me - what with the Eldar project, the Space Sharks, some Astral Claws and a few smaller commissions as well.

I'll be kicking off the new year with Lugft Huron of the Astral Claws, as well as a Storm Raven transport. Then I'll be moving onto a squad of Space Sharks Centurions in a drop pod, before I commence some Chaos Space Marines for another client. In-between those projects, I'm going to be finishing my Khorne Bloodhound, my Stormcast Eternals and my Genestealer Cult... Some busy times ahead!

Happy New year all!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

More Astral Claws Terminators

This week I've been working on some more Astral Claws models, and have now almost finished a squad of Terminators.

These guys have been a lot of fun to paint, and their silver armour positively glows in natural light. I also enjoyed doing their thunder hammers, which add an extra level of interest to their colour scheme. 

I'll probably be adding some decals to the shoulder shields, as well as on the leg sections, but other than that these guys are almost done. Next up will be Huron himself, who will of course be leading the squad into battle. 

The schedule for work into the New Year is already building up! I've got a Stormraven, a drop pod, some Centurions and a couple of smaller projects on the horizon. I'm particularly looking forward to doing the Stormraven in Astral Claws colours: it's going to be the largest metallic model I think I've ever painted... 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

A new project: Astral Claws Terminators WIP

Now that the Eldar commission is done, I've now making a start on the next project: a squad of close combat Terminators, of the Astral Claws chapter. This unit is going to be part of a larger Forge World themed army; I recently finished some Space Sharks Terminators for the same client.

As ever, my photography sucks. The light tends to make the silver finish look quite flat, whereas in real life it has a richer, burnished-steel type appearance. 

I really like how these models have a clean, almost majestic appearance. It certainly plays against the grubbier, war-torn armour of the Space Sharks, and the blue and silver really mix well. I decided to go for a warmer gold, as I wanted that to complement the cold steel of the rest of the armour. The hammer came out well too, I think, because it plays nicely with the palette of the rest of the model. 

I'll hopefully be doing the rest of the squad in this colour scheme, and should have those finished shortly...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Eldar: Warp Spiders

The Eldar project draws near to a close, and this week I've been working hard on finishing up the alternative Warp Spiders...

You might have noticed that the models are not quite finished. The leader (shown in more detail below) has some pincer-type things (is it that obvious that I'm not an Eldar player?), which I am still finishing. The weather has been brutally cold here, and undercoating even smaller model pieces isn't easy!

I was very impressed by the dynamic posing of these miniatures. They are manufactured by Ghost Miniatures, and fit in really well with the Eldar line. They are nicely scaled with the Dire Avengers.

A shot of the very detailed backpacks that these models carry.

So, other than a few little bits on the leader, I'm pretty much done with this project. It has been great fun, and I hope my client enjoys it. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Eldar: Autarch conversion & WIP Warp Spiders

More progress on the Eldar commission this week.

Firstly, here's an Eldar Autarch model. This model was converted by my client: he did a great job of magnetising the arms and backpack, as you can see below.

And as you can probably see, I bought a new lightbox! This was just a cheaper version from Ebay, but it's working out pretty well so far. These pictures were taken at night, and the box seems to have enough light to take reasonably good pictures. So here's hoping to some better photography on my blog...

Anyway, and back to models, here you can see the magnetised wings. I went with an "ice blue" colour on the wings, using Guiliman Glaze. They look great in real life; with an almost ethereal quality.

Here's a close up of the base, and a piece of Tyranid shell.

As I said, the model has removable arms. Here we have a sword and a shimmer shield, in a dynamic assault pose.

Here's another shot of the alternative backpack:

Finally for today, my client also wanted a squad of alternative Warp Spider models painted. These are actually the "Attercops" figures from Ghost Miniatures, and they are superb models.

They fit in perfectly with the existing GW range, and have a great range of dynamic poses. I was very impressed with them!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Eldar: Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra

A mid-week update! Just finished Maugan Ra, after several nights of frenzied painting.

This guy has a nice old school vibe about him; with a certain charm that strikes me in a way that some of the more recent (and better detailed) plastics models just seem to lack. Anyway, I had fun painting this guy.

The bone was done with the same colours as the rest of the army, although this guy has a better canvas to take some graduation. The black armour sections have highlights of Dark Reaper then Thunderhawk Blue (a combination that I just love!), but these don't photo very well.

Another shot of Maugan Ra; he has a snazzy backpack and a nice backbanner. Note that the icon at the top is actually much lighter than it appears in this photo - I really went for a bright bleached bone finish here, so that it is differentiated from the other bone sections.

Next up: another Eldar HQ miniature...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Eldar: Wraithlord and Dire Avengers

Progress continues apace on the Eldar commission, and this week I managed to finish off both a Wraithguard and another squad of Dire Avengers. In my haste to get these pictures up on the blog, I've had to photograph these miniatures in artificial light... Please forgive the rather poor quality pictures this week. One of my new year's resolutions will probably be for purchase a new lightbox.

First up is the Wraithlord. This is a lovely miniature, which will form a nice centre point for my client's army. We went with the same scheme as the smaller Wraithguard: I also added a layer of gloss to the head, which worked really well with the Wraithguard.

As with most models in this commission, the weapons options are also modular and I've painted up (although not pictured) several alternative choices.

The bone photoed particularly badly... Sigh... Photos of finished models seem to be a real weak point for me. I find that unless I take pictures in the day with decent sunlight, no amount of daylight bulbs can compensate.

The sword had a nice blue sheen added to it (using Gillian Blue Glaze), and I finished the effect with a layer of gloss varnish.

The model has some minor weathering with Typhus Corrosion, which suits the piece well. It ties in very well with the earlier models and vehicles, which all have the same staining effect.

Next, another unit of Dire Avengers. Pretty self explanatory, and again the darker blue armour doesn't photograph very well but I've now done several of these  units - they are pretty much the same as the last twenty Avengers!

Next up: Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra...