Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mongoose: Rogue Trooper - Nort trooper

Continuing my Mongoose painting session, today I finished the Nort trooper from the Rogue Trooper set. 

Another fun and easy to paint model, with nice detail. 

As with Rogue, the casting was a little blobby - check out the rifle muzzle, where the detail disappears...

Next up - the Souther trooper...

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mongoose 2000AD: Rogue Trooper

Earlier this year when I attended Salute, I picked up a three-miniature blister for Mongoose Publishing's upcoming "Rogue Trooper" miniatures game. 

I'm a big fan of Mongoose's Judge Dredd game, and have always dabbled in 2000AD's proto-Cold War classic - Rogue is an iconic character: one man (albeit genetically superior) ranged against a cold and uncaring world, driven by the need for vengeance...

Anyway, here's the Rogue Trooper himself...

As with most Mongoose figures, this model has a classic charm. He's very Rogue Trader, with older-style sculpting. This approach felt especially pronounced with this model, and some detail left a little to be desired (like the very blobby grenade on the harness; I had to repaint detail onto that).

All in all, a very nice model and good fun to paint - next up will be a nefarious Nort trooper...

Monday, 14 July 2014

Tyranids: Housekeeping!

Whenever I finish a decent sized project, there always seem to be a few niggling things that I need to touch up. This commission was no different, and I spent the weekend finishing off various unresolved tasks...

Firstly, I rebased the Zoanthrope models. They are Finecast and even though they'd only sat on the desk for a couple of weeks, they had already started to "lean". The resin is quite saggy and loose; my client asked that I rebase them with brass rod. 

For anyone buying these models, this is a really good idea and very easy to do.

I kept the alien stalk detail as a resin feature, and just ran the rod into the resin base and into the Zoanthrope tails. Both models are very solid, and should stand up to gaming for a few years I'd say.

Secondly, I was asked to magnetise the underside of the Hive Crone. Again, an easy task which adds a lot to the model.

Magnets were courtesy of Anvil Industries - they are small and very strong.

I just embedded a magnet into the holder bit on the underside of each wing, then added a magnet to the underside of each of the organic bomb bits.

I' ve just noticed that I need to touch up the attachment bits - oops! I clipped these back just a little so that the magnet-to-magnet connection was a bit more flush.

Here's the finished Crone with bombs attached - they are very firmly in place.

Thirdly, my client wanted to see the mysterious missing gene stealer claws... Anyone else had this? Two of the stealer sprues a claw in exactly the same place: hard to spot unless you look carefully, but it is the last digit on each right-hand claw...

Hoping to get a project photo done this week, and that will be the completion of the Tyranid project!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tyranids: Spore mines

The Tyranid project draws to a close this week, with some straggler models and a few bits of housekeeping tidying up the whole commission. 

Here are three spore mine models, from the Hive Crone/Harpy boxed set. They are painted in the same style as the rest of the army. 

These models are really an extra bit to the bigger plastic set, and sadly it does show a little. Some of the detail is quite "shallow" in places (a criticism I've made of some of the modern Tyranid boxes in other posts), and areas like the "tendrils" are undetailed. Still, I tried to make the most of the bits and the blue contrasts nicely with the sandy skin tones.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Batman Miniatures Game: Cops

I've written lots of pieces about how I'm impressed with Knight Models miniatures game, and I picked up some more figures at Salute 2014. I've been inundated with Tyranids this year, so only just gotten around to painting up the new miniatures.

Although I've read the rulebook, I've never actually played BMG. I figure if I ever do play, I'll be Batman (who wouldn't want to be?!?), so I've started collecting some erstwhile allies.

This is the second Gotham cops set released...

Sculpting on the second cop was a little rougher than most models I've received from Knight Models. The face was a bit deformed, and I had to resculpt part of the eye. Not a major issue, and it looks passable at a gaming distance, but a shame because the rest of the piece is so nice.

His big yellow gun is actually a taser, with full special rules - every model gets their own character card and full rules detailed.

Here are the cops together. They look to be quite cheap in the game as well, so will probably be included in most of my games when (if) I get around to playing.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tyranids: Broodlord

Managed to finish the Broodlord today...

A classic model, the Broodlord was good fun to paint. I like that he is in a different pose to normal GW 40k miniatures - they always seem about to attack, but the Broodlord is rallying his troops (or maybe using a psychic power).

Lots of carapace pieces on show here, allowing me to add patterns and speckling.

The face is also nicely detailed - the model is closely related to the old Genestealer Patriarch miniature.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tyranids: Venomthrope

Today I managed to photograph the next model in this project - a Venomthrope.

This is another fine cast model, and as such some of the sculpting is quite rough in places. I had to fix up the poison balloons on the carapace, but the model worked out very nicely I think.

I used water effects and gloss varnish on the balloons, and used a turquoise wash on the inner stacks.

There is not much space for patterning on this model, but I used what areas I could to show the same patterns as the rest of this hive fleet.

So, only have a Broodlord, some spore mines, and then some minor touch ups left to do - hoping to get this project wrapped up shortly.