Sunday, 7 February 2016

Batman Miniatures Game: Killer Frost

Here's a model that I actually painted up over the Christmas break, in an effort to set into season cheer.

As with most Batman models, Killer Frost was great fun to paint. Her detail is quite fine, as with many of the female miniatures, but with some motivation Frost is a good addition to your collection.

I found this model really tough to photograph, on account of her skin tones matching my background paper. I adjusted the various filters and settings in Photos, but this was the best I could get.

There's a lot of news concerning the BMG at the moment. I was disappointed to see the news that several BMG models have now gone "direct only" (with the suggestion that they will be discontinued when the current stock is sold out), but the newly-revealed Marvel Miniatures Game looks great.

I still have the limited edition Alfred model to paint at some stage, but haven't had the urge to break open the blister yet. I keep promising myself that I will actually play this game as well... One day!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

The return of Farsighted: Enclaves Riptide

Well, my New Year's resolution to keep this blog more up-to-date has almost immediately been broken! I wish that I had a better way of tacking pictures, because this is always the problem. There's little enough time to paint, but when I photo my miniatures I have to clear away the desk and set up the light booth... So whilst I've been busily (and happily) building and painting, I just haven't had the time to take any pictures.

Excuses out the way, here's what I've most recently finished: a Farsighted Enclaves Riptide...

The new Tau codex, and more specifically the Mont'ka supplement, has really piqued my interest in the Tau again. I already had a fledgling Farsighted army, which was bulked out with some fairly bad unit choices (Vespid: love the models, but in-game... Not so good). GW's new direction in formations and "block building" army lists is a nice revision of the force org structure, and here's where I'm aiming for my Farsight army:

Dawn Blade Contingent
Retaliation Cadre
Commander in Coldstar suit
3 battle suits with twin plasma rifles
3 battle suits with twin fusion blasters
3 battle suits with twin missile pods
2 broadsides with HYMPs and smart missiles (with 4 missile drones)

Drone network
4 marker drones
4 marker drones
4 marker drones
4 marker drones

Firebase Support Cadre
Broadside with railgun
Broadside with railgun

Optimised Stealth Cadre
3 stealth suits
3 stealth suits

All that comes in at about 2000 with upgrades and so on. It'll be broadly split into two parts - with the Retaliation Cadre dropping on turn two, and the rest holding the fort until arrival. The Stealth Cadre can hunker down and absorb a lot of firepower if necessary, and the marker drones can get into position to support the heavier suits.

I absolutely love the Khorne Red paint from GW. This is a nice, smooth red. A world away from the extremely thin reds that GW used to sell!

I made a slight mistake on the missile pods! As you might be able to see, I made one the wrong way round. Not a huge error, but annoying as I only realised what I'd done when I glued the pods on.

Last up is the shield. I had actually intended to put the shield on the right arm, but by then I'd already glued on the spines. No matter: this Riptide looks different enough to my last model that they're distinguishable.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year! And now time for a Winged Hive Tyrant

Happy New Year all! This post is a scheduled one: I'm probably celebrating like the rest of you!

Here's a Hive Tyrant I painted up over Christmas: a rescue job that I bought off of Ebay, and which has turned out very nicely.

He's in the Behemoth colours to match the rest of my army, but I couldn't give him the weapons I wanted (he came with the lash whip and bone sword already glued on, and try as I might I couldn't remove them). Bizarrely, he has no spiked front plate on his exoskeleton: the original builder perhaps didn't like them!

Here's his whip - ready to strike...

Here's a shot of his enormous wings. This is a pretty huge model, and sadly that means he almost never gets a cover save! (Unless he becomes a Flying Monstrous Creature, of course...)

Here's a nice shot of his carapace. I really like painting models in the Behemoth scheme: it suits the monstrous creatures really well.

Here's hoping for a nice new codex and a basic gargantuan monstrous creature unit in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas! And now for some Age of Sigmar Bloodreavers...

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope that you are having a relaxing, enjoyable and loving Christmas with friends and loved ones.

And to celebrate this occasion, I'm now posting an (almost) finished unit of Bloodreavers...

The Bloodreavers are slightly less detailed than the rest of the Khorne models, but that's actually a good thing as it gives some variation. They reminded me a lot of earlier versions of Chaos Warriors (I can still remember one of my first GW Christmases, playing HeroQuest: a game which featured lots of Chaos Warriors). I've still to finish the "command group" (the horn blower, icon bearer and champion) but will probably get to that in the new year... 

Age of Sigmar burnout means I'm definitely going to take a break now, and focus on doing some 40k models...

Happy Christmas all!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Age of Sigmar: Bloodbound Bloodstoker

This week: another Age of Sigmar miniature....

This dude is a nice, smaller model from the set: he again has tons of surface detail and looks good on the tabletop, but isn't as imposing as say the Bloodsecrator. If you game with your minis, you can probably kiss the sword and whip goodbye!

I'm definitely getting Age of Sigmar burn out now... I have a ton of 40k miniatures boxes glaring at me too paint them, and I'm looking forward to finishing the set! That said, it's an enjoyable experience too and the starter kit is a nice selection of models to paint. 

Next week: the Bloodreavers (of Blood).

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Age of Sigmar: Khorne Bloodsecrator

What is it with GW being utterly obsessed with giving anything Chaos-related a ridiculous name!?! The tradition continues at full steam with the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodsecrator (of Blood).

Notwithstanding the comedic name, this is a very fine miniature. It exudes detail and for such a small piece, took me quite a while to complete. I'd strongly advise painting him in stages, and not attaching the totem/icon until you've finished painting the main figure.

Again, this guy has a real Chaos Space Marine feeling about him. He comes complete with loads of skulls, as well as this bizarre (but interesting) spinal pony-tail...

This shot shows the icon in full glory. The reds are much deeper than I can photograph... I always struggle with red as a colour when I take pictures, but the icon has been highlighted on the upper portions. It really pops in real life.

Next week: the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodstoker (of Blood).

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Age of Sigmar: Khorne Khorgorath

I haven't able to update in a few weeks, but I have been really busy with painting. I've been working hard on completely the Age of Sigmar boxed set, and also updating units for some of my 40k armies.

So, here we go with my latest model: the Khorne Khorgorath...

This is a big (dreadnought-sized) model, and has been a big of a project to get through. I used the Age of Sigmar painting guide as a basis (except that I used some dry brushing on the earlier stages of the skin). However, looking at Warhammer TV on Youtube, actually Duncan Rhodes has a better method for painting this guy - so check that out if you want some free advice.

Despite his chunky appearance, this guy has some seriously fragile aspects. The various pointed bones etc are just waiting to break off as you pick him up...

There's an obvious design heritage here with the Chaos Hellbrute (this dude even has power armour plating on his arms), but it's still a nice centre piece for the Khorne army.

And yes, as it's a GW miniature, there are tons of skulls across the whole figure! Check out the view above: skulls literally erupt from the spine and back!

Next week: I'll be finishing the Khorne Bloodsecrator...