Sunday, 25 January 2015

Batman Miniatures Game: Poison Ivy Mk 2

Has it really been 6 weeks since my last update!?! 

Unbelievably, yes. Which is not to say that I haven't been busy with both real life and painting... The truth us, somewhat lamely, that I've been unable to get my computer and bluetooth synched properly. In recent months I've been using my phone as my main camera (it has much better resolution and lens than my dedicated camera!), but an update to my laptop seems to have stopped me transferring images... Only today have I figured out a work around...

I finished this model shortly before Christmas: a comic-book version of Poison Ivy, for Knight Models Batman Game!

Whilst I bought, painted and liked the original Ivy model, I've previously noted that some of the Knight Models female sculpts are quite "thin" in comparison to the bulkier male superheroes. This version of Ivy really addresses this issue: she is much more substantial, but proportionally sculpted as well.

The Poison Ivy set also comes with three "plant slaves" for use in the game.  They have their own funky new rules included on the character cards in the blister. As ever, these are nicely sculpted and a good addition to the game (and also quite necessary: there are no such plants available with the Arkham version of Ivy).

I added some foliage and some basing leaves to all four figures, for consistency across the group. the colours are quite a restricted selection, again to tie the models in. I used the same range of greens on Ivy's costume as on the plants.

The interior petals are done with purples, but also flesh colours to add some creepiness to the models. The plants have a real "Little Shop of Horrors" vibe to them - great models!

Don't forget that if you are a fan of the Batman Game, Knight Models is releasing a hardback rulebook (with one of two limited edition models) in February - Wayland Games has a nice deal on the Alfred version of the book if you preorder!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Some more Gorilla Soldiers from Planet of the Apes

A few more Graven Images apes models today - bringing the gorillas up to squad size!

As before, these models were a joy to paint. Nice level of detail and easy to wash, highlight etc. The larger scale is a nice change for me.

My favourite is the triumphant gorilla - very classic POTA!

Here is a group shot of the models together. I'm going to try to source an Orangutang and Gorilla General on horseback to add to the collection.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Beastman conversions

I've tried lots of different ways of creating classic Imperial Guard beast men, and posted several of these projects on my site. Recently, I decided I'd like to make a proper conscript-squad sized group of these abhumans, and today I'm sharing my experiences in doing this.

Nothing painted yet, and still lots of greenstuff left to do, but the early indications are good!

These are Ungors combined with Catachan arms. I'll be sculpting fur on the shoulders, which allows me to use some Ungor arms as well (the kit has lots of options such as swords, maces, flails, etc).

I'm also planning on using parts from Anvil Industry to make the squad more "sci fi". Bionic arms are a must - above shows some early conversions (again, to be completed with green stuff). The arms fit quite nicely - appropriately weathered, these metal appendages will mix well I think.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Tau Farisght Enclave: Battlesuit Commander

It feels as though I've been painting my Tau army for years! It's been through two rule book changes, and I've put it on hiatus several times. I managed to finish the "enforcer" suit commander today!

Firstly, this is a great model. The pose is dynamic, there are several bits options, and it is suitably different to the rank-and-file Tau battle suits. He'll do great in my army!

Secondly, the fine cast is horrible... There are numerous edges which are imprecise. Some of the flat panels have horrible texture to them. And, sadly, I don't see him holding that sideways pose for long: similar fine cast figures in my collection have become warped over time. I can well see the ankles sagging if I leave him on display...

The reds in these photos have come out far too "cherry": in reality, the armour is far more drab. I used Khorne Red as the base, highlighted with Wazdakka Red and finally Squig Orange. He is in the same scheme as the rest of my battle suit army.

The model is fully compatible with the GW plastic Tau battle suit weapons, which I used on the missile pack. He comes with several resin options - such as spare hands - so you have a few choices to personalise the commander.

I'd definitely recommend this figure, but make sure you inspect him for defects first! (Not actually very easy: the model is now direct only!!)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Marvel Miniatures: Black Widow

The Black Widow, aka Natalia Romanova, is a new release from Knight Models.

The Black Widow model is part of a large range of miniatures which currently have no rules for gameplay. This is fine with me - I wanted to paint it to expand my highlight of black colours - but these figures aren't for use in the Batman game. There is a rumour that Knight Models will shortly be releasing a Marvel super hero rule set, but this is probably going to be trickier than the BMG. That game relies on comparable power-level heroes and villains, whereas a Marvel game would need to cover a huge range of super hero and mutations.

Onto the miniature...

I had real problems taking these pictures, as the black bodysuit didn't photograph well. It is actually quite subtly highlighted, using a mix of Eshin Grey, Abaddon Black and Fenris Grey. I've never used these dark blues for highlighting, but I think they came out well and would recommend the mixture.

As with some of Knight Models other "human" hero figures, Black Widow does suffer from being a little flat - the picture above shows this. However, this is really a byproduct of the pose and I still think it's a great sculpt.

The wrist bands and belt were highlighted with yellows, to reflect the comic book colour scheme, and they contrasted well with the bodysuit.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Batman Miniatures Game: Tim Drake aka Robin

Continuing my BMG painting adventures, here is Arkham City Robin...

I've never been a fan of Robin as a character, but decided to buy the miniature as my Batman band only has cops for support. Got to say, this is actually my favourite Batman model so far!

The detail is fine and crisp, the pose is awesome... It virtually painted itself!

I've said before the Knight Models sculpts fabrics very well, but the do capes best of all. The pictures don't really capture the highlighting, but even on "static" models like this the sculpting has real dynamism.

Looking forward to using him in a game!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Batman Miniatures Game: Rorschach of the Watchmen

Such little time for painting recently! I've been working hard on lot of other projects, and have had even less time to photograph what I've painted!

Today I managed to picture Rorschach, aka Walter Kovacs, of the Watchmen band.

As with almost every Batman miniature I've purchased so far, this figure was great fun to paint.

I went with a fairly traditional Watchman colour scheme. The trousers are a deep purple colour (mixture of Abaddon Black and Daemonette Hide), but I chose to leave off the pin-strips that Knight Models has on the website version.

The Rorschach "blot" on the mask was interesting to paint; I used Nuln Oil to add a pattern, then added an Abaddon Black pattern inside that.

Knight Models do fabrics really well; the detail on this coat was a pleasure to paint!

The skulls on the base are some old resin bits I bought from Black Cat some years back. I thought that they fit the "nuclear apocalypse" vibe of the movie and comic. Overall, very pleased with this miniature.

Next up will be some more Batman Miniatures Game models - Robin and Black Widow!