Sunday, 12 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 1

Today's post is to showcase an Elysian drop troops army that I have recently finished. This was a large commission job, which I have been working on for the last few months. It involved 2000 points of Guardsmen with flyers for support. It was a great project to undertake and I've enjoyed it immensely.

The infantry paint scheme was broadly based on FW's original Elysian scheme, but the colours were varied for some contrast between fatigues and armour. The scheme has been ported across vehicles, walkers and infantry, and on the tabletop it should look cohesive.

The Elysians are awesome sculpts and a finished squad looks great, but they are also not for the faint-hearted... Assembling them can be difficuolt and time-consuming (much more so than GW plastic counterparts), and searching for bits across an army can become very expensive. With this project, for instance, I had to buy multiple command squads and special weapon packs to have enough meltaguns and plasma guns...

First veteran squad, with bolt pistol-equipped sergeant, shotguns, two meltas and a flamer. To differentiate the veterans and command squad troopers from the normal infantry, they are equipped with grav-chutes. Note the liberally-sprinkled respirator heads; my client was keen on having lots of these across the army.

Second veteran squad, armed with two meltaguns, demo charge and a flamer. I'm a big fan of the prone troopers, which are almost like mini-dioramas.

Third veteran squad, armed with three plasma guns. This squad also has the "forward observers" doctrine, and to note this the whole unit has supply packs (which fit neatly under the grav-chutes) and the sergeant has a homing beacon (should come in handy with so many squads deep striking....!).

The bases for the army are a mix of Microart Studios, Back-2-Basix (an awesome Australian company that I highly recommend) and Dragonforge bases (an equally awesome US company).

Next up will be infantry squads...