Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 2

Today's post is to show the finished infantry squads for the Elysian drop troop commission.

These squads were based in the same way as the veterans (below), but to mark them as standard infantry they don't have grav-chutes. As with the other squads, they have upgraded respirator heads.

First squad has a melta gun and demo-charge.

Rear views shows water bottles and ammo packs - I tried to keep this guys less adorned than the vets, again to mark them, out as regular infantry.

Second squad has a plasma gun. 

Finally, there are are two special weapons squads which finish off the regular infantry units.

First special weapon squad has two meltas and a demo charge - that has got to hurt on when these guys deep strike!

Second special weapons squad has three plas guns - especially for aniti-terminator duty...

Next up will be the specialist squads and light vehicles...

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