Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 3

Today's post is to show the finished scanner squad and the sentinels.

The scanner squad is a really nice kit, and an interesting upgrade for an Elysian-only army. I mounted it on an Anvil Industries 60mm base, and I chose a more scenic option so that the base wouldn't look too sparse. I guess it would be possible to use a 40mm base, but that would probably be quite crowded. This Elysian set also comes with two unique respirator heads, which I couldn't find anywhere else in the range. I used one on this trooper, and another on the HQ command squad medic.

Here are the two finished sentinels. These are nice little kits, but sadly use the older GW sentinel as a base. This means the legs are not poseable like the newer kit. The pilot part in particular is very nice though. I chose to paint them in the same scheme as the infantry, tying them in to the rest of the army. Decals came from various military sets (not GW), which adds to the organised feel of the army.

I finished the pieces off with minor sponge weathering, and some MIG pigments to the feet. Bases were from Anvil Industries again.

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