Thursday, 16 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 4

Now we have the last few infantry models in the Elysian army.

Firstly, the platoon command squad ("bronze command") armed with a melta gun. Elysians don't get to take multiple special weapons in command squads like regular guard. This picture doesn't show it too well, but every member of this squad has the regimental badge (that little skull on the breastplate) painted in bronze, signifying membership of a platoon command unit.

Secondly, the HQ command squad ("gold command") armed with a melta gun, featuring a medic. You guessed it - the regimental insignia is gold on these guys. I tried something different here as well - using a white accent on the helmets. When I started planning this squad, looking at everything assembled in front of me, it struck me that the HQ unit needed something extra to mark it out. The medic also features white shoulder pads, and a replacement respirator head from the scanner kit.

Some detail shots of the senior officer, equipped with a grav-chute and power fist. He has a head taken from the Cadian infantry squad upgrade set, also from FW.

Next up will be advisors - including a variant Master of the Fleet, and bodyguards for the commander...


  1. You're right, the white on the helmets of the CCS is a good idea and really looks great!