Friday, 17 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 5

Today's post is my favourite aspect of the Elysian army I'm just finishing: the flyers!

Since the Valkyrie kit first came out, I've loved it. This is a solid plastic model, well constructed and easy to put together. In-game it has great stats, made better by 6th edition in my view. The Vendetta is even stronger, although more expensive to build (thanks to the FW-only upgrade bits!).

My client chose two Valkyries to act as transports for the Elysians, and two Vendettas for support. The colour scheme was left to me, and to reflect the grey armour of the infantry I went with a drab grey colour. I bought some pin-up/nose art decals from Ebay, and used some military decals from Vini Vinci. The models have minimal weathering at client's request, done with a sponge and MIG weathering pigments. Here are the highlights of the finished Vendettas...

... but there are more flyers yet. When you just, absolutely, positively must destroy that monstrous creature? Call the rain with some support from the Vulture Gunship, equipped with punisher cannons!

This was an awesome model to build and paint, and after consultation with my client we went for a weathered black scheme: the pilot is a flight ace, given a bit more latitude than the Imperial Navy normally allow - but hey, he gets results...

(The eagle-eyed might notice there is no nose-mounted weapon: I'm still attaching that. The FW kit didn't come with an attaching pin, and FW seem to be doing all they can to avoid my calls and e-mails, so I'm resorting to using greenstuff...)

Every flyer is going to be based on a Dragonforge base and using a flight stand. These are highly recommended, and so much better than the GW equivalent. They do add to the overall price of the model, but when a flyer is going to be a centre piece (or centre pieces) of your army, I think they are easily worth it.

Tomorrow, the wing takes flight and the last flyer: a mighty Thunderbolt.

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  1. This is Hammer 1, I am at the CP, over.

    Hammer 1, this is DH 3/5, I have you in sight, target is on your 3 o'clock, over.

    DH 3/5, this is Hammer 1, roger, I have the spot, over.

    This is DH 3/5, you are cleared hot, over.