Saturday, 18 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 6

Six flyers is a massive task, but seeing them assembled and painted together makes the work worth it...

You'll have to excuse the amateur photography - one flyer is almost too big for my photo booth, so all six stood no chance! It was time to clear off the dinner table to make space.

Yesterday's post showed the Valkyries, Vendettas and the Vulture, which leaves the final flyer. The jewel in the Imperial Navy's crown, the Thunderbolt is one mighty craft. I've always loved the dynamics of this model, and I was happy to see my client's army list included one. This model has been a lot of work (and dealing with blocks of resin as big as this is not an easy task), but again it's really worth it.

The scheme is deliberately chosen to be different to the other flyers, in an effort to make this out as an Imperial Navy asset. I used minimal weathering elements, concentrating on engines and burn marks. MIG rust effect was used very cautiously on piping and exposed cablework. Decals were courtesy of the GW Baneblade kit - the standard vehicle decal sheet didn't have any symbology large enough to suit this model.

The pilot was painted in different colours to the other crewmen in the army, but with similar fatigue tones to the rest of the army.

This shot shows a a close-up of the tail section - I used an old decal from Fighting Piranha; the aircraft has the callsign "Tinkerbell". I'd like to have used one of the larger decals as on the Valkyries, but there wasn't sufficient clear space on the tail to use those.

My client also wanted a more realistic approach to this model, with the underside being a white/grey like many modern fighting aircraft.

So, that completes a showcase of the flyers for this army. The final few models are still to come - some bodyguards for the HQ command squad, and a variant Master of the Fleet...

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