Monday, 27 August 2012

Finishing the Elysians 8

The Elysian project finally draws to a close! This week I did some finishing touches to the Thunderbolt, and that completes the army. This has been several months of work.

It's always great when you finish a large army to lay it out on the gaming table (or in my case dining room table!) to see it all completed...

This army is 2000 points, and includes six flyers. It should be a great army to play with, especially with 6th edition being very flyer-focused! I've played drop trooper armies under the old Guard codex, and they are always great fun.

The army will be winging its way (forgive the pun!) to my client in the very near future.

Whenver a big project is done, I also like to pick out my favourite models from the army. For the Elysians, these are my "men of the match"...

1. Platoon Commander
This is the platoon squad commander, picking his way through the ruins of another wartorn Imperial city... He wears his visor up, preferring to rely on his unaugmented senses as he picks the next target for his squad. The sense of promethium is heavy in his nostrils. He points downwind, yelling a series of battle-orders as around him the rest of the platoon falls into formation...

2. Veteran Guardsman with plasma gun
"Copy, Command!" Guardsman Varik yelled into the vox-horn. Rockets rained overhead, whining; solid-slug rounds spanked off the nearby wreckage of a bunker in which Varik's squad had just seconds ago taken refuge. "We've got casulaties in spades down here, and Sergeant Faris is gone!"

Before Varik could get a response from Command, Guardsman Troth - the only vox-trained soldier in the squad - shrieked and vanished in a hail of gunfire. The battlefield was degenerating into abolsute chaos. Another explosion sounded to his left, and Varik vaulted a burning wreck - which only barely resembled an Elysian sentinel - to take cover. He sensed more than saw the remainder of his unit follow him into position, dropping prone. More rocket fire poured the landscape to the east, and through the haze of smoke and debris Varik could just about make out winking lights in the sky above: drop trooper squads, being shot down as they made planetfall.

"Orders, Varik?" one of the other troopers called, grabbing Varik by the shoulder. "You're in charge now that Faris is gone."

Varik took a moment to ponder that. He was no officer, but he knew that the objective lie east through the drop-zone. He hadn't wanted to be in charge, but he was now and he had to deal with it.

"Assemble the plasma guns, and get ready to move double-time through that street," Varik shouted, pointing down a nearby shattered avenue. "By the Emperor, we're taking that objective!"

3. Veteran Guardsman with shotgun 
... and this dude is just a plain ol' vet, but carrying his shotgun and pointing just made him stand out. I have to say that the Elysian models have some great poses, and the positioning of the legs in particular allows for some great models. The prone special weapons have to be the best Guardsmen that FW make, in my opinion, and I was pleased that so many of them were incorporated into the army.

That completes the Elysian project for now! It has been great fun to plan, build and paint. I hope that my client is pleased with it, and perhaps in the future I can be of service in providing reinforcements for the Elysians!


  1. Hi,
    I d like to make the same color as you for the round base of this guy , but can you help me for the paint you choose for the floor and the rock?

    I will appreciate!

    Your work is amazing!!

  2. Cheers for the compliment! The bases were done with Army PainternLeayher Brown as a base. That was dry brushed with Vallejo Bleached Bone, and then washed with Agrax Earthshade. The rocks look light because of the drybrushing. Some metal bits were picked our with a mixture of Leadbelcher and other metallics. The base rims were finished with Vallejo Charred Brown (I think the GW equivalent is Rhinox something?). Hope that helps

    1. Thanks for your answer, you make very great job ! can i abuse for one last question ^^ oh just to know the paint for the "desert" suit of the man

      And sorry for my english i'm not english user, so what is the meaning of this sentence :
      "Some metal bits were picked our with a mixture of Leadbelcher and other metallics"

      Thnaks a lot for help
      Kind regards

  3. Hey no problem at all. On the metallics, I mean that I used GW Leadeblecher paint and then other GW metallic paints. For the trooper fatigues I used a base of Khemri Brown, then layered on Kommando Khaki and mixed that with Bleached Bone for highlights. I then washed the cloth areas with Gryphonne Sepia. (I'm still using up some of my older GW paints, so half of my paints are the older versions and the rest are the newer ones - hence the mix of paint names.)

  4. Your troops look bloody amazing, in particular I really like the Visor colour. Any possiblity that you could walk me thru it since ive been smashing my head against my desk trying to come up with my own colour for my Elysians.