Sunday, 5 August 2012

Space Wolves: Thunder Wolves ho!

Just an update to the gallery and a blast from the past today - a project I finished last year, but was great fun to build and paint. Back when the lastest 5th edition Space Wolves codex was released, like many others I was fixated by the new Thunder Wolf Cavalry unit. (Come to think of it, I'm fixated by lots of cavalry units in 40k - see discussion about the Rough Riders below!)

As there were at the time no official TWC models, I searched for replacements and eventually found these awesome Mythicast wolves. They came with precast legs and had armoured plates on the mounts - I immediately knew they were the right choice!

The army weighed in about 1500 points, and was made up of Thunder Wolves, Fenrisian wolves, and mounted characters. I never actually played with it, but it now has a happy new owner courtesy of Ebay. It would certainly be a much easier project to build now that GW has released official TWC models, and it's an idea I'm thinking of revisiting in the future...

More pictures of the army (although sadly no army shot - I forgot to take one before the army was sold off!) in the gallery section.

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