Sunday, 16 September 2012

Aliens vs Predator in 15mm

Today's post is to show a project that I recently finished, as a diversion from my usual scale and miniatures choices. My interest in all things Aliens and Predator was piqued by the recent release of Prometheus...

I purchased a few bags of models from a company called - they have an excellent online reputation and regularly release new products. I've often seen updates on projects on The Miniatures Page, and thought I would give their models a try.

For a regular 28mm scale modeller, I've got to say that these figures were a pleasure to build and paint! I deliberately avoided using too much gloss varnish on these guys, as I wanted to avoid the whole messy look and instead relied on drybrushing and fine-brush highlighting.

The models have such character and are really detailed. I will definitely be adding more to my collection of these models - Khurasan also have some predator hybrid-types with bio cannons, and variations on aliens such as hammerheads etc.

Firstly, here is the Alien Queen - based on a 40mm plastic base.

Then the hive to accompany her - these are ridged-dome head versions, as seen in Aliens.

A close-up of an attacking alien warrior, demonstrating the level of detail:

Then some smooth headed versions, as in Alien.

These guys need something or someone to keep them in check, so I painted up four Predators. I decided to go with a mix of colour schemes from Predator and Predator 2 - so they have bother bronze and silver armour.

As the actual models had quite a limited colour pallette, I added splashes of colour to the bases: just simple foliage and static grass tufts, but I think it had the desired effect. Now these hunters look the part - stalking through an alien jungle!

 Finally, here is a shot of the whole hive together being lead into battle by the Queen:

All in all, great models and a very interesting scale in which to paint - even for a painter with such limited experience of this scale, these figures turned out very nicely.


  1. I just saw these posted on TMP (where I just lurk), they're really impressive! I painted a small group of the xeno warriors a while back and yes, they're a pleasure to paint. I trimmed two of the Queen's big arms to bring it closer to the "licensed version" and as a result it was pretty bang-on.

    I also just painted a group of Khurasan's "Huntarr" who are slightly beefier versions of the Preds you have here. Nice, but I have to admit I like these ones a lot. Your paint jobs certainly do them justice.

  2. Very nice. For the aliens I take it you did a black base coat and a dark grey dry brush?

    1. Sorry for late reply - yes, the Aliens are painted up with drybrushing...

      1. Black undercoat
      2. Drybrush with Mechanicus Standard Grey (any dark grey)
      3. Very fine drybrush with Codex Grey (any mid grey will do)
      4. Then a controlled wash with Nuln Oil

      If you skip the last part, the result is a bit too "chalky" in my view. The wash ties in the highlights and gives you a silkier finish to the overall black.

      Hope that helps!