Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Carcharodons Astra Land Raider Crusader

Progress continues on the Space Sharks project, and today I have finished a major milestone...

The finished Carcharodons list will have two Land Raider Crusaders, which will be tasked with delivering two squads of Terminators into the heat of battle. Although vehicles are now more fragile than in previous editions of 40k, Land Raiders took a relative boost as they can't be destroyed by glancing hits any longer!

I used MIG Dark Was on the armour plates, and a combination of MIG Fresh Mud and Track Brown on the tracks and armour skirting. The decals are from Forgeworld.

I thought about using one of the recently-released FW heresy-era tank crew models for the top hatch, but they are pricey for what you get. So I went with an Anvil Industry head, which is a nice stand-in for a Mark III head.

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