Saturday, 1 September 2012

Inquisitor Coteaz and Warband

So, with the Elysian project finished I finally got the opportunity to turn to other armies and commissions. The painting never stops! In truth, whenever I suffer from burnout I turn to another project or even another miniatures scale - sometimes just painting up a personality model or vehicle from a different faction is enough to keep my interest going.

Today's post is one such distraction. I have a personal Grey Knights army, and under 5th edition it was a great and fun army to play. I probably (read: definitely) need to make some changes for 6th edition, and on that topic I decided to paint up a Finecast Coteaz model. To accompany him, I raided the bitz box and converted some additional figures to act as his warband.

These may not be sound choices in-game, but they were certainly fun models to paint.

The man himself, painted in a similar scheme to GW's model but I decided to use more gold on the iconography.

Two Jokearos - I bought one of them when the model first came out, and then decided I would like to use a second if I ever ran a warband-based army. Lots of nice detail and an opportunity to paint tones I would not usually use.

These two Servitors were left overs from the Space Marine Techmarine boxed set - whilst the Techmarine is an awesome model, I just never got the urge to paint up the Servitors. Plus, they were armed with heavy bolters... I eventually converted them to carry multimeltas from the Leman Russ sponsons - this is a cheap way to make your Servitor models a whole lot more useful!

And finally, three Death Cult Assassins. I got these off of Ebay some months ago (maybe even longer!?!), but again never got around to paitning them. Under 6th edition, they are certainly less threatening with their AP3 swords, but they are useful nonetheless. These sculpts are quite aged in my opinion; they are very lithe and feel quite fragile. I think I would convert something from plastic if I were to add any more DCAs to my army.

Tomorrow's post will be a retrospective on a number of Guard armies I built over the years, with advice on building and converting more unusual regiments.

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