Monday, 10 September 2012

Space Sharks aka Carcharodons Astra: Stormtalon finished

The Stormtalon model by GW has received quite some criticism since it's release, but as soon as I saw it I wanted one for my Space Sharks army. It's a really nice plastic kit in my opinion, with conversion potential and lots of extras bits for the bits box.

Aesthetically, it's quite different to most Space Marine models. Out of the box the angles felt a bit wrong, so I reversed the stubby wings. This simple change makes the whole kit look a bit more aerodynamic.

Post the Elysian commission, I'm trying to finish my own personal projects before I move on to another commission. Available for further work if anyone is interested!

I chose to weather the black in a quite stylised way, which is comic-book rather than real-world but I'm pleased with the result. Additional light weathering to the grey was done with a sponge.

I picked out the pilot as a Techmarine, as I figured the model needed a spot colour. I used the extreme highlighting method advocated by GW on their studio Fleshtearers army, but used the new Bloodletter red glaze - again, pleased with the result.

The base presented a difficulty: my other Space Sharks have starship-themed bases - deckplates, cables and pipework. I searched online for suitable bases, and found a few, but the prices were quite high. I decided on a base I bought via Ebay, and using a variety of sprays and weathering powders I achieve the look I wanted. I added static grass and grassy tufts for effect; I envisage the Stormtalon flying over a crashed starship - maybe a grounded space hulk.

The model was finished with FW's Space Sharks decal sheet, which offers literally hundreds of suitable images. The image below shows how I've attempted to replicate the infantry colour scheme on the vehicle, using white accents on the underside.


  1. Looks to be a nice job. The stormtalon is a model that ugly models like to hang out with so they feel better about themselves.

  2. I did the same with my Grey StormTalon, reversed the wings. Much better imho. Great stuff to see more Grey Marines!

  3. Awesome job dude!Trully well done!

    1. Cheers for the comment and glad you like it!