Thursday, 4 October 2012

Imperial Guard: Cadian Trenchers test models

I've often toyed with the idea of making a unit or two of Imperial Guard trench-fighters: specialist troopers in Brodie helmets, armed with meltas, flamers and grenades to take out armoured positions. Recently I bought some Maxmini heads with appropriate helmets, and decided to give the idea a try.

For the colour scheme, I considered a few variants but eventually decided on the standard Cadian colours. I always view that scheme as being as close to Imperial Guard "standard" camo pattern as you can get. I'm still undecided on appropriate backpacks, but will likely add pouches and other gear before I finish them properly.

I will probably finish up this squad and then Ebay them - so any comments as to equipment they shouldn could, or modelling ideas, are gratefully received. If anyone would be interested in buying a full squad, or better yet a platoon or even army of them, then drop me a line!

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