Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Commission: Tallarn Mukaali

I've just finished a very interesting model as a small commission piece - a Tallarn Desert Raiders Mukaali commander. Made by Forgeworld, this model is basically a beefed-up rough rider. FW makes three variants, two with lances and then this commander piece.

Although many seem to dislike the creature, I'm a big fan and was really looking forward to painting this model. I got stuck in and finished the commission over the course of the weekend, adding some final touches today.

The mukaali's skin was painted using a variety of washes and also drybrushing - I looked at pictures of elephants to achieve the same finish. The FW version has some interesting blue patches, but I wanted to avoid this to make it look a bit drabber (fitting in with my clients existing army). The rider was again based on the scheme for existing models.

The rider carries a power sword, but in discussion with my client I painted this as a normal weapon. This was to keep consistency with other Tallarn infantry, and allows my client to use it as either a power weapon or just a close combat weapon. This was the only area I feel I could have improved if I had more time. The resin blade had a very grainy finish to it as well, which seemed to remain even after cleaning the model up...

In all, this is a great model and I'd definitely be interested in doing some more. FW produces some very detailed and characterful Tallarn infantry models - it seems these are often overlooked in favour of the Krieg or Elysians!

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