Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dark Vengeance Deathwing

Caught up in the hype generated by the release of GW's new 40k starter set, I fell in line and bought a box myself. I really didn't need it, as I have a huge back-log of models to paint, and I don't even collect (or rather didn't collect!) either of the armies included.

I thought I'd try out the "GW" method of painting these models, and promptly downloaded the Citadel painting guide on my Ipad. I'm going to do a review of the online material GW has released in the next few days, as I think this might help prospective buyers to decide whether these resources are worth the investment...

Neither of these models are quite finished, but are pretty much there so you will get the idea. First up is the sergeant with power sword.

 Next is a normal Marine, with storm bolter and power fist.

These were interersting models to paint, but I'd note two things about them/GW snap-fit kits in general:

1. The models are almost *too detailed* for starter models, and this goes for all Dark Vengeance figures (and especially the Chaos Marines). A young hobbyist, for whom DV is the first GW purchase, these models are going to be way too difficult to build and paint. Some of the Chosen have especially fine horns and protrusions, which I can see will be very fragile if the figures aren't handle with care. I actually cut off part of the Deathwing Sergeant's sword before I realised my mistake...!

2. If you intend to paint these models, don't be lured by their "snap-fit" status! Like most plastic kits, they are far easier to paint properly unassembled. The Chaos Cultists and Ravening bikers are the worst culprits here: if you put them together right out of the box, and then try painting them, there are going to be many inaccessible areas which will be impossible/very difficult to paint. This lead to some very interesting predicaments, such as the order of assembly and painting, and some annoying results (as you will see in a future post, the Ravenwing bikers end up with an unseemly seam like down the middle of their bikes).

However all in all, some very nice models to paint and I'd certainly be interested in painting up some more - perhaps I'll wait and see what happens with the new Dark Angels codex...

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