Friday, 23 November 2012

More Space Sharks

Today's post is to show the finished second Space Sharks tactical squad.

As before, I've mixed armour marks and used both FW and third party parts to create a diverse unit. Although the squad is tooled for close combat (using Tyberos' special rule), I decided to go with the free multimelta just in case.

Note the stud-rimmed shoulder pads on the marine on the end; this is a particularly nice and useful bit from Anvil Industry...

My favourite of the squad - nothing special about him!

I also finished two drop pods, to deliver the tactical squads into the heat of battle.

So, that pretty much completes the Space Shark project! It's a 2000 army, built and boxed up, ready to play; I decided that for this army, I would specifically choose units and models that I could get into a single box. The only additions I've thought about recently are perhaps a librarian based on Sevrin Loth, but we will see how that idea pans out in the future...


  1. Great stuff again, more Grey Mrines. My Fav. I've several Pods to paint but cant get motivated enough to do them, they take twice as long as a Landraider!

    Still maybe tempted to change my Relictors to Carcharadons and you are not helping.... ;)

  2. Hey you must continue with your Relictors! They are a unique and interesting chapter too. As for the motivation to build and paint drop pods, I really share your pain. These pods were sitting on my desk for some time before I built up the motivation to finish them!

  3. Okay, I will ;) Still plodding on with my full Battle Company (plus massive armoury) but keep getting distracted with shiney new FW toys lol