Saturday, 17 November 2012

Space Sharks: Land Raider 2

Finally managed to get some time for photography, and my AniMaq Modellismo painting station is fixed! I should do a write-up on this beast - it really is something - very glad to have it back...

Today's post is to show the second finished Land Raider for my own Carcharodons Astra army. This will also be the last Land Raider for this army. The scheme is similar to the first Raider, but I've varied some of the panelling and exterior colours to keep it interesting.

The decals are from the FW set, and I was pleased to finally find a use for the "space teeth" on the front hatch of the Raider. I tried to use those on the Storm Talon, but they were just slightly off size to look right. I went with white for the side hatches to break up the grey, which I think worked out quite nicely.

This project is drawing to a close now, and I will soon be posting finished pictures of the rest of the army. It was good to get back into a Marine army - something I have not done for a while - and it's spurned an interest in painting up some Dark Vengeance model as well as more Chaos...

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