Sunday, 4 November 2012

Space Sharks: a long awaited update

Oh man, I've been having serious problems updating my blog. Not on the technical side, but the photographic side. I'm lucky enough to have a mobile model station, which incorporates a pretty decent daylight lighting system. This is great for night-time painting and also for photography... The bulb recently went, so I dutifully ordered some more of the bulbs from an internet site. So far, so good. Bulbs arrived and were rapidly installed... It was only then that I realised, with quite some horror, that the real reason that the lighting rig wasn't working was that the electrical cable had actually worn through! It was a serious health hazard averted, but does mean that I'm reduced to photographing minis by daylight only...

Anyway, progress today is on my personal Carcharodons Astra project - specifically, the second tactical squad. These guys are a semi-assault unit, with bolt pistols, chain swords and plenty of melta...

As with the other infantry models, these Sharks were based on starship interior bases. I chose to downplay some of the colour elements on this squad, as I felt that they were perhaps a bit too jarring in comparison to the matte grey armour.

I just recently picked up a pot of Cermate White - the new GW base white paint - and this works wonders for an army like this with limited white elements. It is highly recommended and has great coverage.

This tactical squad sergeant is armed with a power fist and bolt pistol, and I supplemented the GW model with Anvil Industry parts. The shoulder pads, head and pistol are all from Anvil. I particularly like the pistol - called a Widowmaker by Anvil - as it is brutal and allows space for some FW decals. The pistol is a wearable glove, which can be used on either left or right hands. I bought a few, thinking that is would be a great bit for use on Flesh Tearer models as well.

Further Anvil bits and used on this marine. The head is available on a sprue of 5 (I think) and these parts work really well with FW early-armour marks. The shoulder pads are also Anvil.

This guy is mainly FW and GW, save for the shoulder pads which are Anvil. The legs are a little awkwardly posed, but I wanted as much variety in the unit as possible. My general idea behind Space Sharks infantry is that they are a bit rag-tag, all wearing individualised and sometimes ancient armour with the only unifying aspect being armour colour. Sort of like a Space Wolves unit I guess; military but very individual.

Finally, this marine has limited conversion but I really like the pose and the head (just a FW bit).

Progress continues - next update will probably be something completely different, for a small commission I have just finished...






  1. Beautiful Sharks, much better than mine.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like them - the Space Sharks are a really rewarding scheme to go for, and the Forgeworld updated rules are great fun to play