Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists

Today's post is a bit delayed (I've had some surgery this week which has taken it right out of me), but I recently finished some Dark Vengeance Cultists. These are probably for my Night Lords army, which is a personal side project, but I'm still undecided whether they will end up as Alpha Legion....

Overall, the Cultist models are very characterful and great sculpts. They're dripping in detail, but be warned that the "snap fit" nature leaves some large gaps in quite obvious places. For example, on the shoulders there are gaps in the hoods or necks. To get decent results, these really need to be filled with green stuff.

These miniatures also present an interesting decision for colour schemes. They are very mish-mash, and don't even qualify as rag-tag militia. Overall, the palate therefore includes a lot of colour, and the challenge for the army painter will be creating a cohesive unit which meanwhile also appears sufficiently piecemeal...

My favourite cultist - sporting a nice ball and chain weapon:

(And apologies for the awful photos - they were taken before I fixed my lighting situation...)

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