Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ebay: Imperial Guard Trench Fighters

I recently finished a squad of Imperial Guard troopers, and have now decided to put them on Ebay.

Originally, I planned to make an army of troopers in this style (using Maxmini's gasmask heads) but I've since decided I have far too many Guard armies!

The squad is well painted, based, and converted with the Maxmini heads. It includes 3 flame throwers, a sergeant and vox caster. It would be ideal for use as a veteran unit, and could be added as an ally to an existing 40k force!

My long-term plan was going to be to mount the unit in a Chimera, and give them the Demolitions doctrine - they'd pack quite a punch!

Here's the link to the Ebay auction:


(For some reason beyond me, Google has stopped letting me upload photos to my blog - if you're interested, the auction has full pictures of the unit!)

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