Saturday, 12 January 2013

Knight Models: Batman Arkham City

When Knight Models announced the Batman Miniatures Game last year, I instantly knew that I would be buying into it! The Preview shots only confirmed my first impressions...

Although the English version of the rules has not yet been released, Arkham City is going to be a skirmish-level Batman miniatures game, involving a handful of figures on each side. There are currently two waves released, but my focus has been Batman himself.

Painting this model was a bit of a departure from my usual techniques. I decided to use grey/blue to highlight the cape, to enlarge the colour pallette.

Overall, I'm glad that I did - I think using grey would have created a more boring miniature. I did think about using a resin base, but decided that the model was expensive enough without investing in a base as well!
Next up maybe Nightwing, or possibly Catwoman - hoping for more Knight Models releases soon...

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  1. Nice job! I love this Miniature! And you painted very well!!