Friday, 25 January 2013

Nephilim Jetfighter: Simple masking techniques - Part II

Following from my earlier post on using masking techniques and spray paint, today I can show you my Nephilim with the wings attached.

As can be seen, this technique allowed me to achieve a very bright, pure white - and the coat is almost solid white! Whilst achieving this with a paintbrush is possible, it would take lots of unnecessary work.

To counterattack the very bright white, I added some minor scuffs but otherwise chose to keep the weathering to a minimum. The engines were the main exception to this rule; even if the aircraft is very well attended, surely these areas would suffer some discolouration etc.

I plan to add some insignia and decals, and complete a base, and this model will then be finished.


  1. Ahh masking tape, either your best friend or your most horrible backstabbing enemy!
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  2. I reckon the armament would be better with the MegaBolter tho, weight of fire against light targets and infantry, otherwise against an AV12 flyer, all other shots are pretty much wasted. Use it in ground attack role and you might even claw back it's point cost... maybe :(

    1. Maybe, but I doubt it - 160 is a lot of points whatever the armament! Just compare it to the Vendetta...! I just made he weapons that looked good, it'll probably never be gamed with