Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nephilim Jetighter: Simple masking techniques - Part I

When I first saw the Nephilim Jetighter, I knew that I wanted to paint one up in the GW scheme. Indeed, the Nephilim made me decide to start a new Ravenwing army! It might not be very impressive in-game but it is an awesome model, and the wings in particular present an interesting painting challenge.

Today's post is to show how I painted up my Nephilim wings using a simple masking technique and a white spray can. There are other, probably better, ways of doing this - in particular, if you have an airbrush, getting a smooth white coat can be easily achieved. I often use an airbrush for aircraft models, but decided this time to try out using a spray can.

1. Undercoat with black spray
To begin with, paint up your wings with black spray paint. You could highlight then at this stage, but I chose not to. It really is much easier if you don't attach your wings until the final stages of your model!

2. Apply Celestra Grey basecoat
Then I painted a thin layer or two of Celestra Grey over the wing pattern. Take your time and use thin coats, trying to avoid any spillage on the black areas!

3. Mask off the wing pattern
Now the important part: masking off the wing pattern. I used Tamiya masking tape, and some cheap home DIY tape. Cut the tape carefully and apply it around the pattern. The more careful you are at this stage, the better your eventual pattern will be. It sounds obvious, but anything not cover by tape at this stage will be turned white in the next step.


(Another precautionary note: I also taped the back of each wing - once the spraygun or airbrush starts, the occasional splatter can happen and you don't want white dust on the black underside of the wings - especially if you've already highlighted them!)

4. Spray wing pattern white
Now, with the wings taped up, slowly apply a layer of white spray paint. I find white sprays go on better with several light coats rather than a single heavy coat.

You should end up with something like this:

5. Allow to dry and remove tapes
Allow the paint to dry well - again, my experience of white spray is that it can take a while to dry properly. Once dry, carefully remove the masking tape...

You may find that some areas need touching up, which is easily done with white or black paint as necessary.

Next up will be the Nephilim with wings attached - but for now, here's a shot of the jetfighter main body...

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