Monday, 25 February 2013

eBay: Raptors Chapter biker army

A few year back now, I decided to start a biker army using the then-new Codex Space Marines. I built and painted - with chapter badges, unit markings and so on. The army ended up as about 1500 points, with numerous unique conversions.

I've actually barely played it, though, and reached the decision to sell it off on EBay - feel free to take a look at the pictures, and maybe place a bid if you're interested.

Here's the link:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finished commission: Heresy Miniatures Hurn (aka Predator)

Here is a small project I was commissioned to paint a few weeks ago - a single miniature from Heresy. It's a great sculpt and was excellent fun to paint up. The detail is nicely chunky too; the figure stands a good head above a Space Marine, making this one of the larger Predator sculpts available.

My remit was to produce something similar to the Predators "Beserker" (the main Predator), but using colours from Predator 2. The model has some minor verdigris on the mask, and some speckling on the body.

Definitely recommend this model! There are several alternative weapon options in the set, including claws for both hands, an alternative spear, and a shoulder cannon.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Another finished Trygon

In a sudden burst of inspiration and progress, I managed to finish another Trygon this weekend! Crazy how it sometimes works out; you get no time paint for a week, but a few hours of uninterrupted painting and the results can be surprising.

This Trygon again features the patterning found on the earlier monster.

This is a variant of the Secret Weapons miniatures hive bases - combining an alien hive and an urban ruin. I added some grass tufts for variety as well.

The tail has been painted to reflect the carapace patterning. The standard Trygon tail is really wicked-looking, and the toxin sacs add some more colour to the piece.

Friday, 15 February 2013

On the work bench

Too much work and not enough painting time this week, but lots of work in progress...

Firstly, I have been painting up some more of the excellent Secret Weapon Miniatures alien-style bases for a Tyrnid project...

Secondly, here are some very early WIP Ravenwing bikers for my own army - strictly tabletop, this army will be for playing with rather than display...

Thirdly, I've taken on a new project - a squad of the awesomely-detailed Deathwing Knights and Belial. Great sculpts and they look like they will be excellent fun to build and paint. Two tips though: the torsos only fit with specific legs shown in the instructions, and those mace-heads are really sharp - watch your fingers!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Finished Nephilim Jetfighter

Recently I showed how I used simple masking techniques on a Nephilim Jetfighter, and I found some time this week to photograph the finished model.

Overall, I think it's a great kit. Quite easy to build and nice to paint up. I chose to go with a relatively unweathered finish for my model - only some minor scracthes on the wings and some discolouration on the engines. I figured that even for the Adeptus Astartes, this sort of damage is unavoidable!

I chose to make a simple base for this flyer. I usually prefer resin bases and Dragonforge resin flight rods, but for now I'm going to use the supplied base. (Just noticed some paint splashes on the stand - must correct those!)

I still have lots of left over resin bits from the (very old) Planetstrike stratgems (or was it Cityfight?) kit from GW - since the chance of me ever playing either of those supplements is virtually nil, I've been using them on the bases for larger models.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tyranid Trygon Prime finished

Here is the first of two Trygons I've been commissioned to build and paint. These are part of a much larger Tyranid project that I've been talking about a lot recently.

The colour scheme reflects the smaller Tyranid infantry, but as they grow bigger the monstrous creatures in this fleet develop patterning on the carapace. For the synapse creatures, I intend to do even more complex patterning. This was my client's idea, and I think it was a really good one - I've painted plenty of Nids, but never done freehand patterns before. The result certainly makes for a unique army.

For the Prime's tail, I chose to paint it similar to a power weapon but reflect the carapace patterning. It always strikes me as odd that the standard Trygon has a more threatening and detailed tail than the Prime!


Quite pleased with the finished set piece, which is pinned to a Secret Weapons resin base. These bases really add to the finished model.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Ravenwing Veteran Sergeant

And so the long haul of starting a new army begins....

After finishing my Space Sharks, I decided I wanted a very different, very mobile Space Marine army - and the new Dark Angels Ravenwing rules were very appealing. Here's my first Dark Vengeance sergeant; a very fun model to build and paint.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013 Chasing Predator

I'm a huge Predator (and Alien) fan - and you can now buy 28mm/30mm scale Predators from Predastore! They are in resin, and exquisitely detailed. I bought a couple, and just recently finished the "Chasing Hunter"...

Probably the best Predator sculpts I have seen in this scale, the only disadvantages are that the models are properly proportionated and so coule break easily. The small wrist blades and individual dreadlocks are just asking to break off at the gaming table... My Predastore figures will probably remain display only miniatures for that reason!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Work in progress: Pinning a Tyranid Trygon

I'm currently well into a large commission project, featuring 200 points of Tyranids. My client's army list features lots of mostrous creatures, and he wanted these pinned on Secret Weapon Miniatures resin bases. The Gieger-esque detail is very appropriate for Tyranids. The bases also paint up easily and nicely.

However, some of the GW larger beasts don't fix to the bases so easily. Both the Trygon and Flying Hive Tyrant have very small contact areas, meaning without some serious pinning the models simply wouldn't stay attached to the bases.

To solve this problem, I decided to pin the Trygons to the resin bases. This is easily done and should solve the issue.

First, I painted the model as usual - I also paint monstrous creatures in parts, and here I have painted up the tail section (as you can see, some cleaning up to be done to some parts). I then attached some heavy-gauge brass rod to the main tail section (3 rods) and the smaller tail end (1 rod).

You can hopefully just make out the rod pieces - like paper-clip wires but heavier...

The rods are about 1-1 1/2 cm long. I drilled long holes into the resin base (once it was painted), and then superglued the whole construction together.

Quick tip: I always paint red onto the pins once attached to the model, then whilst this is still wet "dry-fit" it to the base. The resulting red marks on the base provide a guide for the drill, in theory meaning everything will then fit comfortably together.

Here are two shots of the (almost finished) Trygon, now firmly attached to base. (Note there are still several areas to touch up, and obviously he has no head!)