Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Predastore.ch: Chasing Predator

I'm a huge Predator (and Alien) fan - and you can now buy 28mm/30mm scale Predators from Predastore! They are in resin, and exquisitely detailed. I bought a couple, and just recently finished the "Chasing Hunter"...

Probably the best Predator sculpts I have seen in this scale, the only disadvantages are that the models are properly proportionated and so coule break easily. The small wrist blades and individual dreadlocks are just asking to break off at the gaming table... My Predastore figures will probably remain display only miniatures for that reason!


  1. what colors did you use to paint him?

  2. I used GW Graveyard Earth for the skin, mixing up to Vallejo Desert Yellow. I shaded parts of the skin with Agrax Earthshade, then mottled it with Rhinox Brown. All metallics were done with GW metals (a brassy metallic as a base, then Leadbelcher, edge highlights with Runefang).

  3. sweet literally had idea no where to even start. Your color scheme I like the most overall the more greenish hue rather then the more tan one

  4. Just bought the same guy and want to do him justice, it is a great piece.

    1. He's a good choice! Let me know if you need any more painting advice on Predators - always happy to help out