Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tyranid Trygon Prime finished

Here is the first of two Trygons I've been commissioned to build and paint. These are part of a much larger Tyranid project that I've been talking about a lot recently.

The colour scheme reflects the smaller Tyranid infantry, but as they grow bigger the monstrous creatures in this fleet develop patterning on the carapace. For the synapse creatures, I intend to do even more complex patterning. This was my client's idea, and I think it was a really good one - I've painted plenty of Nids, but never done freehand patterns before. The result certainly makes for a unique army.

For the Prime's tail, I chose to paint it similar to a power weapon but reflect the carapace patterning. It always strikes me as odd that the standard Trygon has a more threatening and detailed tail than the Prime!


Quite pleased with the finished set piece, which is pinned to a Secret Weapons resin base. These bases really add to the finished model.


  1. Thanks for the comment. Check out my most recent post for another monstrous creature - the Hive Crone...