Thursday, 28 March 2013

Finished Belial & Deathwing Knights

Today's post is to showcase the finished Belial commission. I managed to do some work on the sword, and also finished the back banner last night.

(Just noticed an error on the back of the base - oops! Why do photos always show these things up when you miss them in person!?!)

This is an interesting model to paint, with lots of detail. I must say that I prefer the Deathwing Knights, but Belial is suitably imposing as well.

A comment on the Finecast though - it leaves a lot to be desired.... This is an original resin sculpt, not a metal port, and so the quality really should be much better than it is. When I received the model from my client, I actually went into my local GW to try to exchange it for a better sculpt but this was the best one available. Some errors are very difficult to put right (in particular missing "rivets" and minor details which are beyond my abilities with green stuff to fix). It really shouldn't be so difficult to paint up an expensive piece like this, but since the introduction of Finecast this seems to be the norm.

Here's a couple of shots with Belial with his posse...

So, what's next? The Belial and Deathing Knights are finished, but the Tyranids are not! I'm going to try to finish the next Tervigon, and then maybe have a little break and do a few Ravenwing bikers for my own project.

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