Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ravenwing Landspeeder

Progress on the Ravenwing continues, between other projects. Today I managed to finish my first landspeeder. 

This is one of the older plastic versions of the landspeeder, which is strange still available in the Dark Angels Battleforce. It brings back memories of what a nightmare that kit was to assemble! Elastic bands are essential...

I decided to leave off the crew access steps that should be assembled on either side of the speeder, as on previous kits like this they always break off. 

I used some weathering powders on the engines, but the photo hasn't come out too well. I tried to use a limited colour palette to maintain the dark and brooding nature of the Ravenwing...

I chose to paint the heavy bolter in black, but I toyed with painting it red. However, again I wanted to keep the model dark - I think that a large heavy weapon in red would've brightened it too much.

My current worklog on this army is:

4 bikers
2 speeders
2 attack bikes
Darkshroud landspeeder
Samael on Corvex

So, I'm getting there...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Last Tyranid Tervigon

Today I managed to finish the last Tervigon for the commission I'm working on. As this was the third model, my client and I decided to try something a bit different. The head is actually the Tyrannofex head, and there are a few extra markings on the carapace (such as on the spore chimneys).

I'm pleased with the result and hopefully my client will be as well.

Here is a shot of the whole brood, lead by King Tervikong. Note each has slightly different patterning on the carapace. I also tried to alter the limb posing on each to distinguish them.

Here's a final lost of all five finished monstrous creatures, ready to attack.

The next models on the list are two Carnifexes. It's amazing, when you consider the size and complexity of more recent Games Workshop plastic kits: back a couple of years ago, the Trygon kit was considered huge. And of course, before that, the Carnifex was one of the biggest GW kits.

Looking at the Trygon alongside the Tervigon, the Trygon is starting to look decidedly small! And as I get ready to build the two Carnifexes, they look positively tiny!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ravenwing Attack Bike

Progress on the Ravenwing continues. As a break from painting regular bikers, I decided to finish an attack bike - okay, it wasn't much of a break, but it was something different to stock bikers anyway!

I've noticed black models don't photograph so well against the pure white background - maybe I will go back to using the graduated backdrop. Will I ever get this photography right!?!

Tonight is dedicated to finishing the final Tervigon for the Tyranid project, and a Malanthrope (to be used as the Doom of Malantai) arrived from FW today...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

More Ravenwing bikers...

Another week gone, and another week with too little painting... Yesterday was taken up by the yearly visit to Salute (which, as ever, meant I bought more miniatures and kits to add to the unpainted stack I already have!), but I've only managed to put brush to paint today...

I've also invested in a new Ebay lighting box and kit, so hopefully my pictures will improve. Only time will tell on that front!

Today's post is to show my second completed Ravenwing biker squad. These models are not from Dark Vengeance, and are instead from the Dark Angels Battleforce. I'd highly recommend this - in an environment when GW "deals" are very scarce, the Battleforce is actually great value (especially with the DA iconography and upgrade sprues included).

Here's my favourite model from the squad - the robed DA sergeant. The full Battleforce actually comes with three robed bodies, so enough to customise so vanilla biker sets as well.

That's all for today - but next up should be the third and final Tervigon from the Tyranid project...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Flesh Tearers: Command Squad

Today's post is to showcase a unit I have just recently finished painting up - my own personal project, for my Flesh Tearers army.

These models comprise a bodyguard for Gabriel Seth, and are armed for close combat. They are not quite finished - the sanguinary novitiate needs a proper shoulder pad and some other bits - but they are close enough. This army is actually nearly done - I only need to find time to build and paint a Stormraven to have everything done.

These guys were painted using the GW Flesh Tearers method published in White Dwarf last year (or was it the year before!?!), which I think works really well for rank and file models. My other Flesh Tearer models were painted with a slightly more vibrant finish, but I actually think that this is better. They are based with Back-2-Basix resin ruins bases, which complement the scheme well.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A long awaited Tau post....

Apologies for the long delay in this post - I've been deprived of precious painting time by real life! It happens to all of us I guess, but I get a bit tetchy (or should that be twitchy?) if I don't paint for too long...!

The recent release of Codex: Tau Empire has spurned me on to finishing a project I started ages ago, in the form of a Forgeworld Crisis suit. This is Shas'o R'M'yr, in his specialist Crisis suit...

He was a piece I started months ago, and over the course of finishing him (between other projects) my ideas for a Tau army have changed - I've decided to go with an urban camo scheme, but this was a great model to paint up regardless.