Saturday, 13 April 2013

Flesh Tearers: Command Squad

Today's post is to showcase a unit I have just recently finished painting up - my own personal project, for my Flesh Tearers army.

These models comprise a bodyguard for Gabriel Seth, and are armed for close combat. They are not quite finished - the sanguinary novitiate needs a proper shoulder pad and some other bits - but they are close enough. This army is actually nearly done - I only need to find time to build and paint a Stormraven to have everything done.

These guys were painted using the GW Flesh Tearers method published in White Dwarf last year (or was it the year before!?!), which I think works really well for rank and file models. My other Flesh Tearer models were painted with a slightly more vibrant finish, but I actually think that this is better. They are based with Back-2-Basix resin ruins bases, which complement the scheme well.

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