Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ravenwing Landspeeder

Progress on the Ravenwing continues, between other projects. Today I managed to finish my first landspeeder. 

This is one of the older plastic versions of the landspeeder, which is strange still available in the Dark Angels Battleforce. It brings back memories of what a nightmare that kit was to assemble! Elastic bands are essential...

I decided to leave off the crew access steps that should be assembled on either side of the speeder, as on previous kits like this they always break off. 

I used some weathering powders on the engines, but the photo hasn't come out too well. I tried to use a limited colour palette to maintain the dark and brooding nature of the Ravenwing...

I chose to paint the heavy bolter in black, but I toyed with painting it red. However, again I wanted to keep the model dark - I think that a large heavy weapon in red would've brightened it too much.

My current worklog on this army is:

4 bikers
2 speeders
2 attack bikes
Darkshroud landspeeder
Samael on Corvex

So, I'm getting there...

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