Monday, 27 May 2013

Dark Angels Darkshroud Landspeeder

This morning I managed to finish a model I've had in the works for a while - a Darkshroud Landspeeder for my small Ravenwing army.

It's an interesting model, if a little weird... The flying statue aesthetic is certainly something I haven't tried before! I decided to build the Darkshroud over the Vengeance Landspeeder, because this model is more interesting and the Vengeance could theoretically blow itself up every time it fires under 6th editio rules! (Seriously, GW, that vehicle is way overcosted!!!)

Here's a close-up of the stained glass windows, which I painted with a white undercoat and then used a blue wash. The metal elements were then blocked out in black, then painted in Leadbelcher.

Anther view of the speeder, showing the new-style Ravenwing icon on the flank...

And here is the offending statue itself! Quite nicely detailed, although I'd fear that the sword will break off. I did think about doing it a "ghostly" green and grey colour, but eventually went with solid colours (the green would have been a bit too pale for the solid blacks elsewhere on the model).

Here is a final shot of the engines; I used MIG weathering pigments on all of the engine components, to stimulate general heat damage. Other than that, I was quite light on weathering - most of my Ravenwing vehicles are only lightly damaged, to suggest that the Dark Angels - pious even by Marine standards! - have kept extra special care of their war gear.

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