Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finished FW Malanthrope

Today I managed to photograph my latest Tyranid creation: a FW Malanthrope.

This is a really nice model, that has a clear parentage line to the Venomthrope, but the maw also harkens back to the alternative Genestealer heads. I of course continued the patterning on the carapace to match the rest of my client's army, and I think that it worked out nicely.

These photos don't really show the head in that much detail, but the mouth feeder-tendrils are in fact much pinker than they appear here - I wanted to differentiate them from the rest of the skin tone.

Note the freckling on the spore chimneys - I chose to do this because the arms are so small, there was little other opportunity to get that detail in!

As it's a FW model, the chimneys also have some nice interior detailing, which I picked out in flesh tones.

The base is painted to differentiate the urban ruins from the encroaching Tyranid bio-carpet (is that even a word!?!). I also added some gloss varnish to the mouth, and to the egg sacs on the base.

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