Saturday, 11 May 2013

Finished Tyranid Carnifexes

Today I managed to photograph the next two monstrous creatures for the Tyranid project...

Firstly, a Carnifex with two twin-linked devourers...

Note the patterning on the carapace - the Carnifexes have large shell areas ideal for this sort of brushwork!

The first 'fex also had a tail modification, to help distinguish it from the second. Note the freckling on the tail as well; again, lots of empty areas are ideal for this extra work.

Secondly, the (almost finished) "gunslinger" 'fex...

My client decided to go with a different head, to again add variety. This guy reminds me of The Tick, with those big antennae!

I continued the patterning down the back of this model, and also onto the tail.

I'm still trying to source another pair of devourers, which are proving very hard to get hold of. I keep scouring the bits sites, but so far no luck. Ah well, I'll keep searching.

I've also started cleaning up the Malanthrope, as you can see below

Some more work to do on a brood of Hive Guard first though, and the Malanthrope will be a nice break from doing those. The end of the project is in sight now though, and I only have a few models to complete - mostly, I've saved the more interesting painting jobs until last (such as the Flyrant).


  1. Looks excellent my friend. I'm curious, how do you get the blue you look that way? I absolutely love it!

    1. Cheers for the comment! The blue is feathered over an Abbadon Black base coat, which I used for patterning. Then I added several layer sod blue:

      1. Macragge Blue
      2. Electric Blue (Vallejo Game Colour) 50/50 with Macragge Blue
      3. Electric Blue
      4. Space Wolves Grey very fine feathering (think Fenrisian Grey is now equivalent)

      Hope that helps