Sunday, 12 May 2013

Finished Tyranid Hive Guard

After a frenzied evening of painting, I've finished the first Hive Guard unit!

Some individual shots below - because these are Finecast and only available in one pose, I decided to use different patterning on each to distinguish them.

I tried to make these models a bridge between the larger monstrous creatures (which have fully patterned carapaces) and the smaller foot troops (which have pure blue carapaces). These guys, being between the two, have small carapace areas in blue but heads and backs with patterns. I think that the approach has worked out quite well.


  1. Straight up kicking ass and taking names my friend! These are some of the most interesting looking hive guard I've ever seen. You're patterning is turning out downright spectacular.

  2. Glad you like them! Lots more patterning to come on the next unit, but I'm starting the Malanthrope this week. The end is in sight!