Saturday, 29 June 2013

Predastore's Jungle Predette

As a side project, and a break from painting Space Marines and Tyranids, I recently picked up this miniature (available here). Predastore make a range of superbly detailed 28mm Predator models, of many types.

This piece was great fun to paint, and is another example of really crisp and detailed sculpting. Even the tree base is dripping with artistry. In particular I really liked the pose of the model.

I decided to add some colour to the base and tree stump, because the actual predator was done with a limited palette. I did a similar thing with some 15mm predators I painted last year; the idea that these guys prefer hot, jungle climates is a theme which can easily be carried through to the bases.

I added minor mottling to the thighs and exposed shoulders; nothing big, but just spicing up the single tone skin.

She has trophies on her back - been a busy hunter...

I combined two metallics on the armour to add interest. The blade is also a more tarnish metal, suggesting use in the field.

Here's a shot of the predette with some other predators - from left to right: a Heresy Miniatures predator, the Predastore Jungle Predette and Running Hunter, then a Copplestone Castings predator.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tyranid Mycetic Spore Pod

Managed to take some photos of the last model for the Tyranid project - the mycetic spore pod! This is a really nice resin kit from Chapterhouse Studios.

My client wanted a pod, and we looked around at the various third party options available. In my opinion, this is the best pod - it has plenty of detail and is also chunky. As an added bonus, the sculpting style reflects the Secret Weapon hive bases which were used on most of the monstrous creatures, so it meshes well with the rest of the army.

Those tendrils were treated with a healthy dose of water effects, as were the spore chimneys.

The kit is a 4-piece model, with a removable top. As you can see, there's not much going on inside though! The main body is 2 pieces, which I pinned together for stability. The fourth piece, not pictured here, is an "arm" on which a bio-weapon can be mounted according to preference.

Finally managed to acquire another set of flesh devourers for the last Carnifex - only have to paint those and do a couple of touch-ups, then this is another army finished...

Monday, 24 June 2013

Flesh Tearer's Stormraven

Managed to finish another piece that has been lurking on my shelf today. I've pieced together a small Flesh Tearer's army, which I may end selling due to lack of space, and the Stormraven is the final model to be painted.

This is my first Stormraven kit, and generally I thought it was quite nice. Some of the larger flat areas feel a bit undetailed, but that's the Space Marine aesthetic I guess.

Weathering was mainly stylised rather than realistic for this piece - I used Ironbreaker on the scratches all over panel edges etc. However, I used MIG pigments on the engines and dirtied them up extensively.

There are some nice detail opportunities on this model: firstly the servitor, secondly the techmarine pilot...

To add some extra visual interest, I also added Flesh Tearer's iconography from Chapterhouse Studios. These are chunky resin bits, which paint up nicely...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A bad day for Krieg...

Recently I picked up a rare and pretty awesome model from a friend of mine - a limited edition berserker ogryn from Forgeworld, still in the bag! I've been working on it for some time, and managed to finish him off today.

I've always been intrigued by the ogryn models from both GW and FW, and I have a 4-man Guard squad so always wanted to add a Chaos equivalent. I planned the piece in advance, trying to get contrast between the drab colours of the ogryn and the military shades of the Krieg trooper.

As you can see, these shots were also a test for using a red background to photograph a darker model. I've been having real problems with darker miniatures, such as my Ravenwing, against a white backdrop. I'm quite pleased with how this piece looks against the red actually, and will probably use it again.

On the miniature itself, I also wanted to experiment with weathering powders, the new Necron compound (Citadel Dry paint) and metallics in general. All of the exposed metal plates on the ogryn with weathered using MIG powders and rust pigment, then sealed with pigment fixer. Again, I was quite pleased with the result - it's subtle, which was my goal.

The feet and lower clothing of both the Krieg trooper and the berserker were also weathered. Elements of the base were also powdered, to tie everything together.

I'd definitely like to paint some more Krieg at some point, but probably more as a collector's piece than an army.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hasslefree's Signee

Today I managed to finish another model I've been working on for a while - Signee from Hasslefree. Following in my earlier Aliens style, Signee makes an awesome stand-in for Ripley! The detail is (as ever with Hasselfree) excellent, and the pose and equipment just screams Aliens.

I'm hoping to pick up the rest of Signee's squad in the near future - Hasslefree do a Billie (Newt) and lots of other specialists with appropriate gear.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More Tyranid Gants and Mycetic Spore Pod

Two weeks without an update!?! Real life got in the way again, but I have been painting somewhat furiously to work my way through the last few Tyranids...

Firstly, here is a shot of the remaining Gants armed with fleshborers. I think I've painted up 64 of these little terrors, and the last few were a real exercise in self-discipline to get through! For me, the main event for the Tyranids is always the monstrous creatures, so I'm glad I've finally finished the smaller beasts...

Secondly, I've started work on a unique model for the Tyranids: a Chapterhouse Studios Spore Pod. This is an all-resin kit, which GW don't produce (yet). It's a very nicely detailed and solid piece, which I'd recommend to Tyranid players. The pictures are still very work in progress - I'm going to add more detail to the spore chimneys, work on some water effects for some details, and pick others out with Ushabti Bone...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tutorial: Painting an "Aliens" Colonial Marine

I'm a huge fan of the Alien, Predator and even Alien vs Predator movies, and I'm always looking for new models to use in that setting. At Salute, I recently picked up a really nice sculpt from Hasslefree miniatures - Akkie the smartgunner.

The figure is highly movie-accurate, and I thought do a brief tutorial on how to paint up a model in the official Colonial Marine colours. (Forgive some of the blurred tutorial shots; the end product is shown in (hopefully) better clarity!)

I use lots of different paints by a variety of manufacturers, but most of these choices can easily be changed to straight GW colours if you'd prefer!

1. Undercoat with black spray

2. Base with sand, then paint according to choice (I used Rhinox Brown, drybrushed Calthan Brown, drubrushed Tau Sept Ochre then a light drybrush of Terminus Stone)

2. Paint fatigues with Khaki

3. Paint Agrax Earthshade into creases, then touch up wash with Khaki again

4. Highlight raised areas on fatigues with Ushabti Bone

5. Highlight most prominent raised areas with Screaming Skull

6. Paint small random camouflage patterns on fatigues with Graveyard Earth

7. Do same with Cayman Green, overlapping some Graveyard Earth patches

8. Paint all armour sections with Orkhide Shade (note that the picture is wrong!)

9. Edge-highlight armour with Cayman Green

10. Repeat highlighting of most raised edges with Camouflage Green

11. You could leave the armour plates there - having them as block colours differentiates them from the fatigues - but I wanted to be movie-accurate! So I painted Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black camouflage patterns onto the armour

12. Skin painted with Bugman's Glow

13. Wash skin with Ogryn Flesh

14. Highlight skin with Cadian Flatten

15. Highlight skin again with Kislev Flesh

16. Highlight all black areas with Mechanicus Standard Grey, then pick out edges with Dawnstone

17. Any final details can be picked out with Leadbelcher, washed with Nuln Oil, then picked out again with Ironbreaker

18. Add static grass or other basing material as appropriate

Here's the finished model:

Hopefully you found that tutorial of use!