Sunday, 23 June 2013

A bad day for Krieg...

Recently I picked up a rare and pretty awesome model from a friend of mine - a limited edition berserker ogryn from Forgeworld, still in the bag! I've been working on it for some time, and managed to finish him off today.

I've always been intrigued by the ogryn models from both GW and FW, and I have a 4-man Guard squad so always wanted to add a Chaos equivalent. I planned the piece in advance, trying to get contrast between the drab colours of the ogryn and the military shades of the Krieg trooper.

As you can see, these shots were also a test for using a red background to photograph a darker model. I've been having real problems with darker miniatures, such as my Ravenwing, against a white backdrop. I'm quite pleased with how this piece looks against the red actually, and will probably use it again.

On the miniature itself, I also wanted to experiment with weathering powders, the new Necron compound (Citadel Dry paint) and metallics in general. All of the exposed metal plates on the ogryn with weathered using MIG powders and rust pigment, then sealed with pigment fixer. Again, I was quite pleased with the result - it's subtle, which was my goal.

The feet and lower clothing of both the Krieg trooper and the berserker were also weathered. Elements of the base were also powdered, to tie everything together.

I'd definitely like to paint some more Krieg at some point, but probably more as a collector's piece than an army.

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