Monday, 24 June 2013

Flesh Tearer's Stormraven

Managed to finish another piece that has been lurking on my shelf today. I've pieced together a small Flesh Tearer's army, which I may end selling due to lack of space, and the Stormraven is the final model to be painted.

This is my first Stormraven kit, and generally I thought it was quite nice. Some of the larger flat areas feel a bit undetailed, but that's the Space Marine aesthetic I guess.

Weathering was mainly stylised rather than realistic for this piece - I used Ironbreaker on the scratches all over panel edges etc. However, I used MIG pigments on the engines and dirtied them up extensively.

There are some nice detail opportunities on this model: firstly the servitor, secondly the techmarine pilot...

To add some extra visual interest, I also added Flesh Tearer's iconography from Chapterhouse Studios. These are chunky resin bits, which paint up nicely...


  1. Very well done model.

    I like the flesh tearers icons above all else.

    1. Glad you like it - I also really like the symbol, and the resin symbols add interest