Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More Tyranid Gants and Mycetic Spore Pod

Two weeks without an update!?! Real life got in the way again, but I have been painting somewhat furiously to work my way through the last few Tyranids...

Firstly, here is a shot of the remaining Gants armed with fleshborers. I think I've painted up 64 of these little terrors, and the last few were a real exercise in self-discipline to get through! For me, the main event for the Tyranids is always the monstrous creatures, so I'm glad I've finally finished the smaller beasts...

Secondly, I've started work on a unique model for the Tyranids: a Chapterhouse Studios Spore Pod. This is an all-resin kit, which GW don't produce (yet). It's a very nicely detailed and solid piece, which I'd recommend to Tyranid players. The pictures are still very work in progress - I'm going to add more detail to the spore chimneys, work on some water effects for some details, and pick others out with Ushabti Bone...

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