Saturday, 29 June 2013

Predastore's Jungle Predette

As a side project, and a break from painting Space Marines and Tyranids, I recently picked up this miniature (available here). Predastore make a range of superbly detailed 28mm Predator models, of many types.

This piece was great fun to paint, and is another example of really crisp and detailed sculpting. Even the tree base is dripping with artistry. In particular I really liked the pose of the model.

I decided to add some colour to the base and tree stump, because the actual predator was done with a limited palette. I did a similar thing with some 15mm predators I painted last year; the idea that these guys prefer hot, jungle climates is a theme which can easily be carried through to the bases.

I added minor mottling to the thighs and exposed shoulders; nothing big, but just spicing up the single tone skin.

She has trophies on her back - been a busy hunter...

I combined two metallics on the armour to add interest. The blade is also a more tarnish metal, suggesting use in the field.

Here's a shot of the predette with some other predators - from left to right: a Heresy Miniatures predator, the Predastore Jungle Predette and Running Hunter, then a Copplestone Castings predator.


  1. Very cool models: chasing hunter is my personal fav. (its chasing btw not running :p )

    1. Good catch! I knew it was something like that....!