Thursday, 25 July 2013

Honoured Imperium

Today I finished some scenery that I've had sitting around for a while - the Honoured Imperium set....

This is a nice boxed set from GW, priced at £18, which includes three separate themed scenery pieces for use in Warhammer 40,000.

I went with a muted scheme, using weathering powders and drybrushing to paint up these pieces rapidly.

The shattered Imperial eagle piece will make for some nice difficult terrain. It'll easily hold a whole tactical squad!

The main event of this set is the Space Marine statue, which now has it's own rules in the big rulebook (as an Imperial Statuary). This was painted with standard GW metallics, again lots of drybrushing, then finished with a Hawk Turqoise glaze to achieve a verdigris effect.

The verdigris is most obvious on the fur cape; I actually went back of some spots with the drybrushing to tone down the verdigris, as after the first wash it looked a bit too bright.

The third scenery piece is the smallest, and probably won;t do much in your games. It's nice to have as an extra, and was very quick to paint up.

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