Sunday, 21 July 2013

Some more Ravenwing bikers

Well, after finishing the Tyranid project I had so much real-life work to do that I actually took a little break from painting. This is nice to do occasionally when you have a high-volume paintload, and when you get back to painting it is far more enjoyable.

Today I finished off a few more Ravenwing bikers. These are for my own personal project, and are painted to a strictly tabletop standard (I'm going to be keeping these as a playable army).

First up is an attack bike with multimelta - one of three bikes to provide medium-range heavy support...

(As ever, I've noticed a couple of things to correct on this picture - why do I never noticed these things until after I've taken the photo!?!)

Second, I finished off the remaining three regular bikers. These Marines are all armed with plasma guns - I'd like to have taken the glowing coils a bit further, but chose to go with this basic approach.

I only have another attack bike, two more speeders and then Sammael to go before the whole army is finished.

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