Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tau: Se'cea sept Fire Warrior team

After finishing the Tyranid project, I decided that I wanted to make something for myself. I'm still battling away on a small Ravenwing army, but the recent release of Codex: Tau invigorated my interest in all things hoofed...

I decided to go with the Se'cea sept, as I've only had limited experience of grey-blues and wanted to try painting a different colour. I used the awesome Wolf Grey from the Army Painter range; they have a very smooth spray can range, which I intend to use on the bigger suits and Devilfish.

As always happens, taking these shots has highlighted a few painting errors - definitely need to go back over these guys and correct some mistakes! I've only ever painted a single Fire Warrior before - in Tau sept colours, many years ago - so this is a new direction for me.

The last shot also shows the detailed backpacks and the shoulder guards - I actually inverted the colours for the Tau symbol. When I eventually do the second Fire Warrior squad (which will be accompanied by a Fire Blade), I'll do the symbol the correct way - this will just act as a differentiation between the squads which is noticeable at tabletop distance.

These were nice figures to paint, as with most of GW's plastic range, but they are really showing their age. Some of the sculpting is very shallow and a bit "blobby". In particular, the feet are a bit indistinct. You might have noticed that in the last Tau codex, the painters seem to have interpreted the feet as boots. In the most recent incarnation of the Tau, part of the boot has become the foot. This is probably what the sculptor intended, I think, but goes to show how even GW painters can be a bit lost with bad sculpts...!

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