Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Antenociti's Workshop: Komodo Personal Assault Suit

A few months back, I posted a discussion on the variety of "power armour" models available to represent more faithfully represent the Mobile Infantry in Heinlein's Starship Troopers. My favourite was Antenociti's Komodo power suit, and I recently picked one up to paint for my own collection.

I originally planned on a "military green" colour scheme, opting to go for something drab and paint the whole model up as a vehicle rather than infantry. However, mid way through the paint job I changed my mind and went with a camouflage scheme. I didn't base this on anything in particular, but liked to interplay between the drab green and desert yellow.

The central blue "windshield" is actually supposed to be a hard pod casing, with the visuals being projected onto the pilot's mind or via internal viewscreens. I decided that the model needed a central focal point, and so went with a shaded blue canopy. I'm not really sure whether this worked or not. In any case, the real model does like nicer than these photos - the reflection on the gloss varnished canopy was difficult to properly photograph, and it has washed out the highlights.

The Komodo comes with several weapon options - including a rocket launcher, a railgun and a flamer.

The base is from Back-2-Basix, via Ebay, and added some more visual interest to the model.

As can be seen, Antenociti have added some excellent, semi-realistic detail to the model - including "jump jets" and exhausts on the rear.

The last sight that many xenomorphs will see before meeting a fiery end: the Komodo assault suit storming down the corridor, energy cannon blazing...

The Komodo is available form Antencoti's Workshop here.


  1. I love this model too. You've done a beautiful job with it!

  2. Cheers Mr Harold! Though I wonder whether I should've put the grenade launcher bits on... I might still add those.