Sunday, 29 September 2013

Blood Angels Centurions

Last night I managed to finish off a squad of Blood Angels Centurions.

This is a small commission that I've taken on, to build and paint a couple of 3-model squads of Devastator Centurions. As the models are new and I've never built them before, I was looking forward to getting started.

Although Blood Angels don't usually have access to Centurions, my client wanted to sometimes run his Angels as Codex Marines. Both units are to be equipped with grav-cannons and grav-amps - in my opinion, the best heavy weapon these guys have access to!

First impressions are that the plastic sprues are literally packed with components. GW really makes the most of these sprues nowadays. Looking back at the sort of product you'd get a few years back - with huge areas of empty sprue - this is a world apart.

I used Mephiston Red as a base, used Carroborg Crimson as a wash, and built up highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet then Wild Rider Red. The process was quite lengthy, and as you can see these models are dripping with detail!

The sergeant is my favourite piece. My client wanted a blue helmet for the sergeant, and red helmets for the other Marines (I'm not sure whether most/all Blood Angels Devastators have blue helmets, but I think that it was a good choice to go with a single blue helmet in this case).

This pose shows the lens effect on the left arm (carrying the grav-amp).

All three models have Bloood Angels decals on the right shoulder. The GW box shows some crafty decal work with Ultramarine transfers all over the shoulder pads, but the size of the actual transfers makes this quite difficult without cutting them up.

Also like this dude - he looks like he's striding through a battlefield, making the most of his 2+ armour save as small arms plink-plink off of his war suit...

(As an aside, I've just noticed some painting errors on this guy - will correct those asap!)

This shot shows the rear of the models. They have exhaust stacks like Dreadnoughts, which is a nice touch. I added a little MIG weathering pigment to the stacks and the heat vents on the rear as well.

Another shot of the sergeant, demonstrating his omni-scope...

So, that's it for now - onwards with another Centurion squad, and starting a new project that I've codenamed "Angry Angron"...


  1. Why is there what appears to be an 8 pointed star on one of the thigh tassets (plates on the thighs)? Reminds me of a certain other 8 pointed star... :P

    1. Hmm... I agree it does look suspect! That's GW for you though - these models already have the look of Obliterators about them!