Sunday, 15 September 2013

Farsight Enclave: Kroot Carnivore Squad

Here's a Kroot squad that I have just finished. They are intended to be part of my Farsight army - I couldn't resist the idea of a squad with sniper rounds, to hold a homefield objective. 

Got to say, I really liked making and painting these models! I'd never bought a Kroot unit before, and was pleasantly surprised - although these are older sculpts, they have nice crisp detail and are of a unique design so far as GW models go. I went with a nice Camo Green skin colour - there is some minor variation amongst the models for interest (some are darker than others). To tie in the Kroot with the red battlesuit models, I added a splash of red warpaint as well.

Here are some particular favourites...

I was pleased with how these models turned out, representing a high tabletop quality in my view. I'm going to add a blister of Kroot hounds to the unit, and also possibly a Kroot Shaper.

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