Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Imperial Guard: Some Cadian Ogryns

Slight blast from the past today, as most of these models were finished a while ago but I only recently completed the last one in the squad. 

Of all the Imperial Guard models, Ogryns are probably my favourite miniatures produced by GW. The humble Ogryn has gone through quite a few rules transitions over the years, but was one of the original "stable" of Guard units back in the Rogue Trader days. Even then, and although the range of models to represent them was limited, I was always interested in fielding them. The old Bob Olley sculpts remain something of a treasure for collectors.

Here's the assembled unit, painted in Cadian standard fatigues so that I can field them with a variety of Guard armies.

My favourite sculpt of all is the Bone 'ead - with nice bionics and a commanding stance.

This dude is a close second - I like the compact nature of the pose, and the face is awesome.

This guy is third favourite - love the grenade-throwing pose...

Below is my least favourite - with his gun outstretched, he is difficult to store properly, and his face is a little goofy (check out that bulging eye!).

Sadly, GW don't seem to have ever settled on a decent ruleset for Ogryns. In 4th edition they were just meatshields, and expensive ones at that. Under the 5th edition codex, whilst their rules are better, their lower initiative and ridiculous leadership make them a liability to field. This is a shame, really, because since their inception the Ogryns have been viewed as loyal Imperial troops - hardly Ld 6! I'd personally like to see their Ld boosted under a new codex, and perhaps a points drop.

Of course, Ogryns are just an example of the wider pantheon of abhuman troops originally fielded by the Imperial Guard. Although the current incarnation of the Guard includes Ratlings as well, Rogue Trader also featured inducted Imperial Beastmen. I've ranted about those in previous posts, but I have a hope that they will re-emerge in the next Guard codex...


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