Thursday, 12 September 2013

Knight Models: Bane

Today I managed to finish painting another Knight Models miniature for the Batman Miniatures Game - Dark Knight Rises version of Bane!

You've probably all heard me raving about Knight Models (their quality and sculpts are amazing), and this figure is no exception. With GW prices rising steadily (£18 for a plastic Space Marine captain or librarian!?!), these collectible figures actually appear more reasonably priced. Most "infantry" sized models come in at around £12-13 if you find the right retailer (Weyland Games, for instance). 

I went with quite subdued scheme, but decided on slightly brighter colours than the official KM paintjob. 

Here Bane faces off against Batman...

Here is a scale shot of Bane, DKR Batman and AC Batman - the rubble on the base makes AC Batman appear slightly shorter. Bane (appropriately) towers over the AC Batman.

I've never actually played a game using KM's Batman ruleset, but I have downloaded the rules (available free from the KM website). They look to be interesting and quite different most games I play, so I hope to try them out at some point in the future.

My next purchase from the KM website? Possibly Catwoman, maybe some cops to support Batman, or perhaps the R'as al Ghul gang set - I've never painted a ninja before...

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  1. Hi

    Excellent paint job of the miniatures!
    I was just wondering, exactly how tall is the KM Bane? I know he's suppose to be 35mm in scale but does that mean he's slightly taller? Like 38mm or something?