Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ravenwing Landspeeders

Managed to grab a few hours painting today, and completed the third and final Landspeeder for my own Ravenwing army. Nothing special in terms of conversion or assembly, but I'm a sucker for the Ravenwing colour scheme.

Minor weathering on the engines using weather ing powder, but it is difficult to see in these photos.

Here is the squadron assembled and ready for war - all they need is decals and possibly some more Dark Angels iconography.

That leaves a grand total of one attack bike left to do, then the army is finished. Pretty bad timing, eh? As with last edition, it appears that the Dark Angels codex has been trumped by the new Space Marines codex! This always seems to happen... The latest version of the White Scars seems to get all of the benefits of being an all-biker army, but none of the drawbacks (such as the obligatory Sammael). Perhaps I can run this army as a counts-as White Scars force!

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