Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sammael - Master of the Ravenwing

Progress on the Ravenwing continues...

Despite my loathing of all things Finecast, I had no choice but to buy this lovely sculpt of Sammael - Master of the Ravenwing. I went with a fairly standard paint scheme, and tried to let the model speak for itself. 

The white and black contrast nicely, and of course tie in with the rest of my Ravenwing.

The sword was painted by hand, using extreme highlighting. I added the lightning effect with a fine detail brush, then sealed the sword with gloss varnish. In some shots, you might be able to make out that the sword is slightly bent. Finecast remains very flexible, sadly, and even though I applied hot water to straighten it out the sword kept going back to a curved shape...

I had numerous imperfections in the finish of the model, as well as some very difficult-to-remove flash and resin sprue bits. I'd highly recommend using both liquid and putty-type greenstuff on this sculpt - the clean-up and finishing process was extensive before I even got to painting it.

The engines were given some minor weathering with MIG powders - this photo didn't really come out too well.

Other angled shot - I may one day add some text to the book with a fine felt tip pen.

The cape was painted using the new GW paints, and the gradation achieved with various bone-cloured paints and finally pure white. I decided to keep the cape an off-white colour, to provide some variation to the limited palette.

Only an attack bike to do now, and the Ravenwing army will be complete.

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